Cake. NOW.

We threw a birthday party for my four-year old at a local kids’ venue. When she decided she was done with her meal, she looked down her nose at the poor sweet teenage staff member and said, “Cake. NOW.” My eldest has been challenging and debating with me constantly. Her instant response to anything I … Continue reading Cake. NOW.

Is my kid a…racist??

Last weekend I took my youngest to a new dance class. She’s been trying her ballet and tap shoes on for days. It’s adorable. I asked her afterwards if she enjoyed the class and if she liked the teacher. As she rolled around the rug in her little pink tutu, she looked up with her … Continue reading Is my kid a…racist??

18 years

The first 18 years of my life were filled with curiosity, imagination, and melodrama. Images run through my mind of my childhood and teen years with golden summer afternoons reading with my mom, delicious savory and sweet smells wafting from the kitchen where she made culinary magic happen daily; pre-dawn school mornings where I sat … Continue reading 18 years