About Me

cropped-img_0462.jpgHi!  I’m so happy you stumbled upon the nonsense that is my blog.  Don’t expect much…no wait!  I mean, expect literary GREATNESS.

I wanted to start this blog as a tribute to the members of my multicultural family, who carry such incredible tales (seriously, I wonder if they’re true sometimes…) and I want to find a way to capture these memories.  Now I have my own little girls, and I want them to one day truly understand what strength, courage, and humor they have inherited.

As a student of culture and identity, I find myself often interested and amused (and maybe even disturbed) by how culture writes our life stories.  So somehow I’m going to combine all these interests into one blog…we shall see how it goes.  It may be a bit of a mess.  Just like its author.


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