About Maria Morukian

MSMheadshot2Maria Morukian is an organizational development trainer, coach, and consultant specializing in diversity and inclusion. Maria’s passion lies in exploring stories that illustrate the intersection between leadership, identity, and culture.

That’s what this blog  and podcast are all about. We’ll explore how who we are influences how we show up in our workplace, our communities, and our society. Nobody is just one thing. We are all multidimensional, with so many different components of our identities influencing our beliefs, decisions, and behaviors.

So where does Culture Stew come from? A stew is made from a variety of ingredients and spices, and left to simmer for long periods of time. Everyone has their own unique version. Most people have a family recipe for a special stew that is uniquely their own and passed down from one generation to the next. What is visible in a bowl of stew is only a small representation of the rich flavors that lie within.

Our cultural identity is like a stew. It is made of so many unique ingredients, and everyone has their own special “seasoning” they add that makes their identity their own. Our identities are created and developed over time, and the flavor of who we are becomes more complex over time, just like a stew. Yet, what we see when we look at one another is typically just a small bit of the flavor of who a person is.

Culture Stew is a blog and podcast dedicated to exploring how the many dimensions of identity influence the “lenses” through which we see the world and ourselves. Together, we will explore ways to build thriving teams, organizations, and communities through the lens of identity, culture, and equity.

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