Hot DAMN, I love the Olympics.

  • Intercultural encounters? Check.
  • Astonishing feats of athletic ability? Check.
  • Pomp and circumstance? Check (yo, did you SEE the people in Hershey’s-kiss-bubble-light costumes tonight?)
  • Melodrama? God, yes, Check – just watch anything related to ice skating.
  • Ridiculous Opening Ceremony outfits a la Ralph Lauren?  Check.  (BTW: Why are our U.S. athletes dressed like they’re heading to an Olympics Ugly Sweater Party?)
  • Commercials telling stories of determination and overcoming adversity but are secretly about cereal?  Check.
  • A German prince representing Mexico dressed as a mariachi slalom skier?  Seriously…amazing.
  • Two weeks of inspiration and a reminder of what makes us incredible as human beings? Double Check.



One comment

  1. I love the Olympics too Maria! Always have since I was a little girl. Last night would have been perfect if I could have just found the MML button on my remote. (Mute Matt Lauer) 🙂

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